Making a Playlist


Hi there,
Brand new to this program. I have found a few sets that I like and am still going through all the others. My

  • issue-

so to speak, is that I cannot figure out how to select one sound set and add it to my campaign.

For example: Instead of adding the ENTIRE Friendly Tavern sound track, how can I make it so I only add “Intro Bar” to the campaign? Or a customized version track of the sound sets in Friendly Tavern?


I can’t open the soundset creator right now but if I remember correctly then “Intro Bar” is a mood within Friendly tavern. to add it click on Friendly Tavern to bring up the moods, then click on Intro Bar to select it, it will start playing. If you look on the right side you should see a few options: Soundset, Mood, Element, and Element Library.
EDIT: There is an option that says Copy to Soundset and the drop down box will have all the soundsets you have downloaded/created. Copy it to the one you want.


Hey @wra1thang3l, are you talking in Campaigns (as in here:


using the Syrinscape SoundSet Creator?