Make User Interface Bigger

I just downloaded and installed the Syrinscape application. When I open it, though, the UI is so small I can not read it. Is there any way to make it larger?

So far I am very disappointed with this, it is not an intuitive UI at all. I can’t figure out how to do anything. :frowning:

I also would like to use the sound packs that I have from Syrinscape in my virtual tabletop application, but I can’t figure out if that is even possible because I can’t see anything.

For information sake, when you start up the app, you have to be patient. Eventually the “gear” thing will work, and you can bring up a window with Settings. Clicking at the bottom of that box allows you to increase the UI size. Two hundred percent makes it readable. :wink:

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Yeah, there’s quite a lot of initial downloading to get done on that first start. We need to give a bit of a better indication that that is happening.

Thanks for answering your own question! :smiley:

While I’ve got you here, have you checked out these two vids?
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