Make the buttons and sliders bigger on 4k display


I have a 4k laptop (Lenovo yoga). I intended to use this laptop for DM’ing but the buttons are so small on syrinscape that I can’t just glance at the screen, I have to really focus on it. I googled around but didn’t find much. Suggestions?


Huh! You’re right. There’s nothing on the FAQ about scaling the interface. I shall fix that.

But for you straight away:

  1. Go to settings (the little cog at the bottom left)
  2. Click the + buttons until the interface looks better

NOTE: AT the moment the Player doesn’t remember the scale size you set, so you’ll have to set this each time you restart. Next version will fix this.

Helps! :smile:

Have you checked out the ProTips category here? Lots of other good stuff.


Thanks, that worked and I am looking that over right now.


Yay! :coffee:

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looks like it caps out at 120% for me. is this suppose to be the max?
EDIT: soory, my client was not updated to the newest release. it goes up to 200% now.


Should go all the way to 200%.

Download the latest build here:

btw What version number does it say (under the settings cog)