Make my own categories?


Hey there!

Starting off, I’m using the desktop version of the syrinscape application every chance i get, the tavern, the monster fights, the atmosphere, envoirements, etc. etc. you know the drill. the hype is real! i have more improvised sessions with my friends than ever before! Yet still, in my use i often come across the feeling of “ah, i wish there was (missing feature)”
Bear in mind that it’s all just a quality of life thing, and even if nothing changed I’d most probably still use the app the rest of my life :sweat_smile:

The further ado:
I have been playtesting the packs i have almost everyday for about a week, and accumulating more and more sound packs i really wish there was an option to make my own categories. so i could group them myself. I’m pretty ocd when it comes to categorizing in general. (EDIT: this is really my main gripe, the volume thing I’m able to workaround)

Another thing I’m missing is a separate volume bar for the spells/ effects(right bottom) and the voices effects(right top). The packs don’t seem to all have the same volume, and logically of course a tavern brawl has a different volume than a quiet outside environment like the farm. but i often find my hand on the analog volume cog of my sound system when i use certain effects. Understandably you wouldn’t want to clog up the inteface, but maybe a toggle for the volume bars in the menu? (EDIT: apparently this point is already being worked on! hurray.)

just wanted to have thrown it out there.
(if you don’t roll the dice, you’ll never hit 20)
No hard feelings if you ignore this post.

Have a good one!


Hey @Selie and welcome to Syrinscape!

We actually already have the feature your asking about, its called a “Campaign” check out today’s SyrinscapeFriday Facebook post which explains in more detail how to use it :slight_smile:

Also take a look at the ProTips category here on the forum, we’ve posted there about different ways that you can use Campaigns to better customise your game as well as lots of other useful hints and tips.

Volume wise, that’s actually a feature in the next build of the Players and is already in development so hopefully you wont need to wait to long before thats no longer an issue!


Well well well! @Steve

I’m delighted to hear all this!
i’m taking a quick sprint in the direction of that “campaign” feature!

when that update hits i’m going to have to make everyone i know an addict to dnd so i never have to stop playing it with this program!