Make a parameter in a MOOD to trigger another MOOD in the same SoundSet after a certain amount of time


This’d be fun.

  1. User hits MOOD 1,
  2. Syrinscape plays that MOOD for mood_playtime seconds 1 to 3600 seconds
  3. Once mood_playtime seconds has been reached next_mood is played (this is a normal click on the MOOD that is pointed to by this Parameter)

What do we think of this?

This would allow (for example) the Estern Dearg album to play itself with lovely long pauses in between each track.

This would also be nice for sleeeeeeeeeeeep SoundSet (relaxing things that are really slow, but you don’t necessarily want them to be the same for hours and hours and hours.

This can already be achieved by a stand alone tiny-app running Syrinscape with the API links.


This is a thing I would very much want to do.