macOS player: old build inside 1.4.6-20200115 package - RESOLVED


I’ve got the latest downloaded version installed and just noticed that player keeps saying

Player app version is old, please upgrade to 1.4.6-20200115

The date of the app shows Jan 22, but inside it shows old 1.4.5-… version. Are there any significant changes in comparison with 1.4.5 vs 1.4.6?


@paranoic.san I think the version number is being reported incorrectly, but you have the latest version. Only one change for macOS which is:

Set volume to 100% by default. Remember volume on quit and relaunch. Set session volume when players join a session (no longer require GM to adjust volume down/up to reset for new players).

I’ve just deployed another update that should prevent the incorrect alert that there is a new version when the online player connects.