Mac URL scheme handler

I’ve gotten a lot of reports from mac users that the URL scheme handler doesnt seem to be working right when triggered from my Fantasy Grounds extension. A quick browse of the thread here and you can see several posts.

One community member went so far as to write a small utility application to pick it up and send the request to the REST API. His utility can be found here

I thought I’d report it for you to take a look at and see what, if anything might fix the issue the Mac users are seeing.

This only happens when using the native Mac Syrinscape Online app and Native Mac Fantasy Grounds Unity


I think it’s not just the online player. I use Fantasy Grounds Unity on Mac 10.15 with the sound link extension and it doesn’t trigger sounds on the Fantasy Player. I do use the open source sound bridge as a workaround to get the online player to work but I would really like to get the non-online player working also. One of the reasons I would prefer not running the online app is that app pegs my CPU to max after it runs for a while while the Fantasy Player does not but even if this were fixed I’d like to have the option of running either player or both players.
If someone knows of a way to trigger the Fantasy Player to play a sound on Mac, I’d appreciate the help.

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I created a URI association in my OS for “syrinscape-fantasy”. (I think this should work with syrinscape-fantasy:moods-blablablah/play/ ) Having done that, the Fantasy player opens, if it is not already running, when I try to trigger a sound from within Fantasy Grounds. However, it never plays a sound. I do have the sounds I’m testing downloaded.

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