Mac player not updating & online player too quiet


After being away for several weeks, I am back home and trying to prepare for my next session – but ran into 2 problems…

  1. created a new campaign; it’s not appearing in my Mac player after more than 30min. It’s assigned to the Fantasy-profile, which is the player I’m using. I see new soundsets have been created recently (minotaur, for example) but it’s also not in my player. Signed out and back in, nothing. Used the update, nothing. Restarted player, nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled player, nothing. Interestingly, until I sign into the player, I see the minotaur soundset greyed-out; but once I sign in, it’s gone.

  2. so I installed the online player, which looks nice. It has both the minotaur soundset and my new campaign. But it’s way too quiet to be useful. My computer’s volume is at max, the player’s volume is at max, and the volume in the browser session the player starts is at max; cranking up a specific sound to max leads to sounds-that-should-be-very-loud (like fireball) being barely reasonable for just me sitting by myself; cranking up sounds-that-should-be-background-esque (like horses) being unusably-quiet even just me sitting by myself. In the past using the desktop-player, I think the volume still could be louder honestly but using the online-player is just not even going to work with a group.

What to do?

~ I am a relatively new subscriber (about 2 months now), love the idea. Played 2 sessions now, was great. Keep up the good work!


@brandon I just fixed a bug that was preventing the available content from updating in some circumstances (e.g. when you re-launch the app after a period of being disconnected).

But my recent change might not improve things if you are creating campaigns while the player is still open and online. Logging out and back in is supposed to get a fresh copy of your authorised content. I’m still looking into that functionality.

The volume of the online player is already on our list of things to look at. Stay tuned.


Hey @brandon What speakers are you using to play the sounds?


That worked! Thank you.


Hi @benjamin : during play sessions I’ve been using an Amazon Echo; but my experience yesterday that I wrote about, I was using my Macbook Pro’s internal speakers.


Ah ha. I was suspicious. :smiley:

To get the most out of Syrinscape, I’d definitely recommend grabbing some sort of speaker or even better plug into your stereo system or even a 7.1 surround system (via HDMI). Syrinscape’s sound is very deep, dynamic and wide ranging in volume, with many veeeeery soft moments that are only meant to be half sensed… oh… and also BASS!!! The more BASS the better! :smiley:


Here’s a video I made specially for you! :wink:


Well the thing is, I do use the large wooden Amazon Echo for gaming sessions. So I’m familiar with how different Syrinscape is on my laptop vs the Echo. But with the online-player I’m experiencing MUCH WORSE results on my laptop speakers than I do with desktop-player using those very same speakers.

Noticed you mentioned this in the video! I’ve been wondering why changing modes didn’t help anything sound any differently, didn’t realize that you have to use a cable for that! Thanks!

Appreciate the video; the most important part I think is noting that using the cable is how you get more than stereo-effect. Also, considering looking into your bluetooth speaker as an alternative to my Echo.

Thanks again!


Yeah. A normal headphone won’t carry any more than stereo. :slight_smile:


I’m a silly goose. I have no idea how I hadn’t realized that without it being made explicit! LOL