Mac 3rd party integration


I am using and would love to be able to create links in my campaign notes to various syrinscape moods etc. But I only have Mac’s so I’d love to see this 3rd party uri integration happen on this platform sooner than later. It will really improve game flow.


Yep this will be on the next version of the Mac player! Works great on the PC so will definitely really help improve gameplay for you once we have it released :smile:


Very interested in seeing “3rd Party App Integration” work on a Mac. Any updates on this?


So no, we were NOT able to get 3rd party integration working for the Offline Players on MAC. We have just kept running in roadblock after roadblock… there is, in the end, a price to pay for the nice tight way Apple have locked up thier OS.

So solution is to setup up something small to call the Online Player Remote control URL links AND also catch the returned page itself (so a browser window is not opened by the system.

Makes sense?


Note: we DO plan to add into the Syrinscape Online Player app, the ability to organise and store some clickable OneShots there, so Players (and the DM) can quickly grab commonly used spells, weapon sounds etc… and most importantly… the Wilhelm Scream!


Would it be possible to configure the offline player to listen to links directed to a port on “localhost” ( ( does this to enable live updates from their app to a web-browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox). Seems that could work well for Syrinscape too (both on Mac and PC).


Adding to the Online Player is great. The only problem I have with that is that it burns a lot of energy causing the fan on my laptop to run full blast; and during the game I’d like for the people around the table to not have the fan as part of the ambiance. Of course, I’ve never used the Online Player without the Master Interface / Soundset Creator running in a Firefox tab … so, that may likely be a Firefox issue rather than a Syrinscape issue. I’ll have to run some tests to know for sure.


Definitely do this. :smiley:

I run the Master UI in Chrome and the App on the same system and do NOT get a big heat burn.

Let us know how you go! :fire::fire_engine::potable_water: