Low Volume Level of Imported Sample

When I have been uploading sound samples the volume level is really low relative to other elements from Syrinscape. I saw this topic responded to once and suggested if it was a music file to uncheck 3D Positioning. However, the samples I’m doing are not music files. They are brief voice recordings, that I do want to have move around with 3D positioning. How can increase the volume for these?

When you open your samples in the audio software of your choice, at what volume level do they peak? And what is the overall average level? The common sample in Syrinscape peaks at -1 to -0.1db and is averaging (depending on the sound itself) around -6 to -3db. If you could check those levels we might be able to help you on this matter.

Another good thing to do is:

  1. lift the Inital Volume setting under the SoundSet inspector up lots (put it at 150% at least)
  2. then turn everything else (other elements) back down a chunk.
  3. now your soft element will be relitively louder

And yes, make sure you samples are well compressed and normalised.

Some good hints around this stuff here: