Love the concept, execution and use is super frustrating - RESOLVED


I’ll save the long and arduous steps it took just to get my phone to recognize my subscription and then see the campaign I created, right now my biggest frustration is the laptop I have this installed on will not “bless.”
I’ve removed all devices and reblessed them and my phone is now working (finally) but no matter what I do the application on the laptop will not work.
I’ve signed out and back in, reloaded multiple times, even uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve removed the laptop device then followed the app link to bless it again. Nothing is working on the laptop. I’m just glad I got my phone to finally work.

I’ll be able to run the game today with my phone and it’s my hope that the laptop install will just magically start working but for now I have no idea what else to do.

Again, I absolutely love the concept, it has the promise to bring real depth to my games. However, I have never been more frustrated with a purchase in a long, long time.


Give it a try now, I’ve just cleared all of your devices so it should now be working :slight_smile:

Looking on the server it looks like you’ve tried to log in on several devices today and had exceeded the three device limit. Normally you would be able to unbless devices but it looks like there was a delay on the server actioning that, possibly due to it being a very busy weekend (We’ve had a few similar posts today), so your devices were stacking up.

Always reach out to us at support sooner rather than later, normally myself or Ben will always respond to an email straight away and can look into things for you before the frustration kicks in.


@Krahsh I’m sorry you’ve had these problems accessing your subscription and blessing your devices. Just to give you a little background on the issues…

Every running player app at any given moment is asking the server “is there an update in the content I can access now?” quite frequently, and there are usually several hundred running player apps at any given moment.

The answer to that question is an “available chapters file”, which is not a small thing as it includes metadata about all of the several hundred soundsets that are available, whether or not you have purchased them, whether or not your device is blessed, etc.

It takes a small but not insignificant amount of time to prepare this file for each user/platform/genre/device. So we need to rely on some tricky caching techniques to keep performance to an acceptable level.

Usually, this works fine – the cache is invalidated when we expect, we can maintain good performance and we can supply users with updated available chapters files shortly after new content is made available to the user.

Sometimes, often when the level of activity (number of running player apps) is very high, users have recently been experiencing long delays in getting access to the updated available chapters file.

The good news is that we have just rolled out some changes today that should ensure that you always get an up-to-date version of the available chapters file:

  • Immediately after logging in via the app (so log out and back in, if you’re waiting for an expected update).
  • Immediately when launching an already logged in player app that has not asked for an updated available chapters file in the last several minutes (e.g. the first time you launch the app in a given day).

This is an issue that we are continuing to monitor a we continue to make improvements to the system.

Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. Do keep it coming if you encounter any other issues, or if this issue is not resolved for you, or if it’s all working great :smiley:

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