Loss in quality with uploaded music to online player

Hello everyone. I know this topic has already been discussed here, but I was wondering if there might be any new input.

I noticed an enormous loss of quality esp. with orchestral film scores. They really sound terrible. I am grateful for any tips that might help.

Cheers, Chris

Hi @christian_holemy,

Can you point out the SoundSet and Element where you have uploaded a piece of music and I’ll check it out.

There SHOULD be almost NO perceptible difference between what you upload and what gets played in the Player… we are encoding at BIG bitrates.

Hi Benjamin! :smiley:

Thank you very much for your quick response!
I am just an idiot. I thought when you meant to disable the 3D positioning you meant that a music file should be set to music and not Sound Effect in the Type stetting under Element. What I now found out that you meant under the Sample inspector and of course this helped a lot. :smiley: Sorry for that.

But let me use this occasion to thank you and your whole team not only for such a great product (the online player is such a big step forward compared to the player and creator combo) but also for the effort and community support all of you put in. Especially in these times I thought it would not be possible to host my Call of Cthulhu game with the sound FX and music that I usually love to use. In fact I never played a game via discord before and only found out about the online player beta searching for a solution. Me and my players love it and I am very happy that I decided to become a supersyrin subscriber a few years ago!!!


Fantastic to hear that you have it working now and THANKS so much for the words of support!

Yes the Creator is a pretty powerful tool and has lots of little bits and pieces to learn if you want to get things working right, but once mastered its a fantastic tool. Have you seen the tutorial videos that Ben put together on our YouTube page? There are some great tips and tricks in there as well as more details on 3d positioning, reverb settings and a whole lot more.

Best of luck with your CoC game!`

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