Looking for Wolves Howling



Just downloaded this today and it’s awesome! This may already exist somewhere but is there a pack for wolves howling and battles against wolf creatures? Similar to Battle of Wolven Pass but with wolves instead of orcs.



It’s not on as grand a battle as “Battle of Wolven Pass” but Pathfinder: “The Fall of Plagueston: Mysterious Murder” has a mood called “Wolf Battle”, which sounds great.


The Spooky set has a “Wolves Hunting Us” mood, which as a good amount of howling.

Lycanthrope Stalker has some fantastic growls and claws/teeth as well as howls and dramatic music.

And if you’d like something that sounds like a mass werewolf transformation (because why not have a full army of werewolves?) the Desecration of Blackwell set, with the various Darkened Moon moods are really good for that.


Thank you! I’ll check this out!


See, I knew @HECook would know where to find all the great ones! :smile:


Thank you as well! I’m having trouble finding Lycanthrope Stalker. Does it go by another name if I search for it in the search bar?


Lycanthrope Stalker is Community Content so would only be visible
if you have a SuperSyrin account. All of the others though should be visible


Thank you again. I registered an account but I’m assuming you meant SuperSyrin paid account.

Thanks for everyone’s help!


Yes that’s Right. SuperSyrins have access to ALL of our soundsets including the community built ones as well as access to Syrinscape Online and the Creator tools. It’s definately worth looking at Subscribing for the sheer amount of content it unlocks :slight_smile:


Other battles against wolves, or wolf-like things:

Barghest Battle
Trouble in Kintargo (use the Gorefangs Battle mood)
Tiger Battle has lots of roars and teeth, though you may want to turn off the jungle noises in the set
Aria Park Protest has a riot and a hell hound or two!