Looking for village sounds "Beyond the Wall"

Hi, i am pretty new here :slight_smile:
I am looking for sounds espacially for a small fishing village.
Nothing to loud or crowdy mostly for the outdoor parts of the village.
I wouldnt mind a few indoor ambient sounds as well.

Do you have a few “ready to go” soundset tipps for me?

kind regards, Fastrada

Your best bet would be to combine a couple of things - I’d suggest Brindol Town (which has various small town sounds both busy and not, depending on how brisk the market is that day) with some sounds from Stony Beach (it has elements like wind, waves, and gulls). You can use Friendly Tavern (which has differing levels of busy) for most of your tavern needs, Seedy Tavern for a dive bar, and Creepy Shopkeeper for vague shop ambiance.

Bustling Port Town is a much more vigorous sort of town, but it has some elements of ship-building and blacksmithing that may be of use to you in certain situations. River Journey also has some ship sounds (creaking rigging and whatnot) and flowing water that will be good for being at the docks

I hope that helps, and let me know if you need something else!

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