Looking for tinker soundsets

Hey, so I have some upcoming encounters tonight that will take the players through a gnome tinkering facility, where there are gears, steam, and other tinkering lab sounds, but will also pit them against many mechanical type creatures - everything from rolling ball type automations, walking mechanical robots, and spider-like engineering marvels.

The only thing, this is a fantasy setting, not a sci-fi, laser gun and blaster setting.

But I’ll take whatever suggestions you can offer and I will dissect and combine them as needed.

Any soundsets you can think of? My search didn’t come up all that successfully.

Thanks in advance!

Try Matt Mercer Victor, which is the shop of a gnome alchemist. You can combine that with sounds from Mad Scientist’s Lab and Blacksmith for additional tinker-type sounds. Try Clockwork Entities for your mechanical monsters, along with Dream Quest II for the mood Ceramic Guardians. Finally, the Sci-Fi Player does have the set Giant Steampunk Robot, which also has many elements that may suit.

I hope this helps!


@HECook, thank you very much for your quick save yesterday! I checked out all your suggestions and copied them into one, to tailor them as needed. My group went out of their way to say that they really liked the sounds during the gaming session, so it was a win! Thank you!