Looking for suggestions for Warhammer 40k roleplaying

I am considering to run few games in the WarHammer 40K universe and since it is not really true sci-fi, I am wondering which SoundSets I can use for Hive cities and more industrial places in the Imperium.

Any suggestions?

I’m not terribly familiar with Warhammer 40k, but lemme do some research and get back to you. Or if want to give me quick breakdown of how it’s different from straight sci-fi, that’s great too!

Warhammer 40K is marketed as grimdark gothic far-dystopian future where there is only way. Googling some images will show you some gothic-heavy, monumental and grand architecture of castles, cathedrals, battleships that look like flying cathedral and etc.

The sci-fi themes in cyberpunk and in general techno are not really suitable, more orchestral and other based motives. It is very hard to find good battle maps for 40k games due to the grit and “dark” motives, same for the audio.

Most of the time I use youtube playlists that have such motives, but Syrinscape is great tool I wonder if i can use for 40K games as well.

Check out the “Splintered Worlds” soundsets for the Dead Suns adventure path of the Starfinder RPG. Some heavy industry backgrounds, eerie drone like music. Maybe that could be a start.

The Starfinder sets are a good start. The Corpse Fleet Skeletons is a good set too. Stellar Throneworld is a nice one too, and several of the Cyberpunk RED sets (with music switched out) could also be helpful.

For music, the music from Dungeon of the Mad Mage (D&D Mad Mage Battle Music), Music - Hell’s Rebels, or Baldur’s Gate (battle at the gate) music are pretty good ones for your ambiance. For more lamenting sorts of music, try the music from the Curse of Strahd set, which has a good selection of gothic-esque music.