Looking for suggestion for earth aberration


I’m DMing Tales of the Scarecrow tomorrow. The gist is that a colossal tentacled monster lives underneath a farmhouse and perfectly circular cornfield and sticks its barbed tentacles up out of the ground to attack anyone in the corn. The monster is the size of the whole farm.

Prior to the attack, though, I want to use the farmland sounds (minus the animals) but then add a menacing gigantic underground something of a noise to suggest that something is there . . .

Anyone have a suggestion on what to use for this?


There is a “disturbing rumbles” sound in Green Dragon, Gug Battle (and others) that might suit. But if it’s too subtle, Sci-Fi player’s Natural Disasters has an “earthquake rumble” that will definitely get your characters worried!

As for the monster itself, if you didn’t already have some ideas, Lunar Prison has one mood called “Moon Beast Battle” which has some tentacle sounds. If that’s not big enough. The Giant Sand Worm set in Sci-Fi player has some great one-shots, burrowing and surfacing, along with some great giant worm roars. Or using sounds from Dragon Battle combined with that giant worm roar could be a fun combo.

I hope that helps!


Thanks once again, HECook!