Looking for Holy/Ethereal/Temple type sounds


Syrinscape subscriber here running part of a campaign where the characters will come across a statue of a goddess that is also a magical fountain which purifies water.

I have cave and water sounds (it is underground), but I am looking for some type of music or even sound effect to match. Gentle, ethereal, uplifting is what I’d like ideally.

I tried searching for elven-type stuff, but didn’t really find what I needed. I even liked some of the magic resonances, but they weren’t quite what I wanted. Any help would be great. Thanks.


How about the Sci-Fi player’s Preserver Artifacts? That has several sounds of beauty, light, awe, etc. that could certainly match what you’re looking for.


Shimmering Vails might also be good.

And see if there is anything in the Siren’s Lair.

If you come up with a great combo, let us know the settings and maybe we can build it and credit you. :smiley: Or it you use the Creative build it yourself. :slight_smile:


Artifact of the Spirit from Preserver Artifacts turned out to be perfect. I just added Small River from sdg Infection and turned the volume down to give the impression of a gentle fountain.

Nothing revolutionary, but a nice subtle effect just as I was looking for.

Thanks, guys.