Looking for Griffin or Hippogrif Sound

Hi all,
I did a search for the sounds of a griffin or hippogrif monster, but only found flapping wings sounds. I did find one sound of a hippogrif in the sound set EOA City Gone Mad, but it the roar of the creature is only available in the sound byte “Crashing Hippogrif” which has the creature and rider crashing into a structure, so I can’t use that for my upcoming game.

Any idea where the roar of the hippogrif in that above sound set comes from? Did it originate from another sound set as another monster that I could use? If not, does anyone have a suggestion of which monster sound I could use to represent the roar of a hippogrif?

I will check the library and find out where the hippogrif call originates from.
Also - how soon is your upcoming game? There are griffons in chapter two of the Frostmaiden, but it is in the final stages of production right now and not out yet. :frowning:

Hi New Vision,
Thanks for the reply. My next D&D session is scheduled for Saturday the 21st of this month. I was going to take some time this weekend to plumb the depths of the sounds within Syrinscape, but that is a daunting task to find the one to match the griffon sound I heard. I may take a look at the Owlbear sound set to see if that would work as a last resort. But any help you could provide in tracking down where the hippogrif call originates from would be most appreciated!

There’s an unconventional sound in the Menador Keep set that may suit, the “screaming arrow” one shot. It sounds like a raptor scream followed by an impact, a good sound for a charging hippogriff. The set The Birds has a “single bird attack” one shot that may be of interest. There’s a set in the Sci-Fi player, Swarm Attack, and the element “ethereal creature shrieks” have a high-pitched screech that’s sort of bird-like but not totally, that be of use.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t say for certain that there is one all by itself elsewhere in that campaign, but surely there is as hippogrifs feature pretty heavily in Korvosa. Might give a quick browse to the rest of Curse of the Crimson Throne.

I ended up using the Vrock sound set for the sound of a hippogrif. It worked out well enough. :slight_smile:

Those Vrock sounds are NASTY! :slight_smile: :smiley: