Looking For A Good Horror Soundscape

I’ve been doing a Halloween oneshot that has gone wildly off the rails and become its own campaign, the final boss is coming up soon and I need something properly big bombastic and terrifying to back him up. Previous bosses in the campaign have included The Thing, a Xenomorph, and Dr Frankenstein and his Monster.

The encounter takes place in the Ravening Caves, which is sort of a misnomer as the cave is not made of rock but flesh and its filled with teeth that want to rip you to bits. The King himself is a sort of all powerful god of fear, jack o lantern head and a sort of twisty writhing vine body. capable of magic, shapeshifting, and martial combat.

I’ve been poking around in the Strahd sets and found some stuff that kind of works but nothing that really sings. Has anyone got any suggestions? I really want to nail this culmination of nearly 9 months of work.

Ideally there’d be a big threatening orchestra bit to underlay everything before laying over it some sort of combat noises, mad laughter, scary whispers, and lots of fleshy squelching.

Check out the board game player, Claustrophobia 1643. Or Sci-Fi Players’Insectoid Hive or Quasi-Organic Vessel. Mad laughter can be found in Spooky, Kobold Lair, and Abandoned Lunatic Asylum. Scary Whispers is best found in Elements - Horror. For orchestral music, try Sci-Fi Player’s Epic Space Battle Music. I hope this helps!

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Malevolence is also filled with horror goodies.

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