Login procedure changed?

Am I the only one getting that plastic animal at the login that you have to turn on the right side - 4 TIMES in order to login. Can’t we get rid of this? It’s so annoying. 1 times was annoying enough. Please.

The Captcha has been there for years. You should just need to complete it once. Make sure you complete it and hit done, before hitting Login.

We would love to not have to use it but sadly Captcha’s seem to be the only way to prevent bots from attempting to set up spam accounts

So it’s been giving me one for years but recently (3 months) it started dishing out 3-4 of them, ticking them of in boxes, before letting me in. Is there no way of recognizing my user login and thus, knowing that I’m not a spam bot, allow me to log in without it? Like - use it when you create an accoung but nit on successive logins on an already established account.


The Capcha DOES force multiple attempts if its magic equations deem your connection higher risk for being a spam bot etc…

I suppose those 10 seconds are the price to pay for a pretty nasty world. Sorry about that.

I suppose u could look at things that might be making your connection look suspicious? Proxy? VPN? TOR Browser?

And you are aware that even though I’ve been logged out on the syrinscape homepage and press ”forum” the forum page retains my login and full usage of the forum without even confirming that I’m me?

I think I’m maybe the only person who likes the little animal puzzle. My other half also has to log in every time but that’s because his VPN clears his cache every day and doesn’t keep him logged into anything.

He also hates the animal puzzle but if it’s a case of him turning off his VPN, he’d prefer to spend 2 seconds turning an elephant the right way up.

You are probably retaining access to the forums by virtue of still being logged into the forums. They are separate, apart from the forum using the website as authority to get logged in.

i think that;s how it works anyway… or it could be cookies… :smiley: