Login On Every Single Page

In the Android App every time I click on anything, a sound, the shop, a new sound pack it asks me to log in again. I just downloaded the app for Windows instead and it doesn’t ask me to log in every time I choose a new pack so I figured this is not normal for the Android App.

That sounds like something strange is happening with your android device or the app. Are you correctly logged in?

Try fully logging out and then signing back in again and see if that fixes it.

I am a new user as well but am experiencing the same issue on both android and ios. The app logs users out after each click of a link or download on the app.

That’s really strange. I’ve also been using it on android and have had no login/logout issues. I much prefer to use it on my laptop but sometimes it’s easier and quicker to whip out my phone for playing at the table.

I hope you manage to figure out what’s causing the issue.