Loevcraftian soundsets

Hi all,
I am planning to add some Lovecraftian-themed adventure to my campaign. Could you point me to some nice Lovecraftian soundsets that fit the theme? I found a few posts in the forums that pointed to a few, but I would love to have as much as I can have.

Take a look at the store for all of the Cthulhu-esque SoundSets. https://syrinscape.com/store/?order=featured&game-system=call-of-cthulhu&type=everything

There’s a very good variety of Lovecraftian sounds to choose from :slight_smile:

Edited to say that all of these are included in a Sci-Fi subscription or a Supersyrin subscription. You don’t need to buy them all seperately. If you click on each one, you should be able to view a demo of the sounds included in the packs.

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I have a Supersyrin subscription, so all is fine. Thank you, I will check the soundsets out.

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