Load all soundsets at once possible (iPad)?

Hello! First nice work guys! I am from Germany and get the 2-month-voucher. Now i have access to all fantasysoundsets at my iPad.

Is there an easy way to load all soundsets at once? Or can i do this only one on one?

Thank you for help and greetings from cologne :wink:

Hi SLger,

Thanks for supporting us! :smile:

We don’t have a load everything feature yet. It’s only recently become an issue since we now have SO MUCH STUFF!

It’s definitely on our list of things to do.

For the moment, just download 3 or 4 at a time. Leave the iPad plugged in and drop past it every now and then and hit a few more downloads.

I hope this doesn’t drive you too mad! :sunny:

Willkommen. :smile:

You seem to have quite the audience in Germany, Ben. :wink:


Thanks und danke :wink:

I’ve load the soundsets one on one…puh… a lot of work :wink:

Once, a few updates ago we managed to make everyone re-download everything (because of various technical reasons). We DEFINITELY won’t do that again! People were sad!! :dizzy_face: