List of purchased Sound Sets


The Syrinscape store site should have a list of already purchased soundset especially since there is not a universal player showing then all, and the addition of a wishlist would be awesome!

Thank you!


All good ideas, in the mean time we can alway tell you what sets you own if you email us at support.

But yes we are planning on quite big changes on the website, especially around account management so it will be much easier to see what content is yours to keep


On this note. I am a bit confused on what soundsets I own. My subscriber info says:

Your Catalogue
333 SoundSets, 28 are yours to keep

However, when my subscription lapsed, everything was uninstalled from my player and I was only able to download the default free soundsets (IE Bugbear Battle).

Is this how things are intended to work? Am I expected to maintain a subscription to retain the soundsets I created?


Soundsets that you purchased and soundsets that are released whilst you are subscribed are yours to keep. You will retain access to these after your sub expires but you will lose access to the back catalog of soundsets. if your sub has expired and you can’t access your owned soundsets for some reason then you just need to make sure you are correctly logged in. If nothing is showing up then log out and then back in again, making sure that you are connected to the internet so that the Player can contact the server.

Content that you create using the Syrinscape Soundset Creator is stored on our server so you will need some form of subscription to still be able to access that. As well as the two standard subscriptions we do offer a server only sub as well. The content stays safe on our server so you could take a break and return a few months later and your content will still be there waiting for you to re-sub

If you want to know what content you own then drop us an email at support and we can take a look for you :slight_smile:


So, I have to have a subscription to use my custom soundsets. Can I just buy them, or something along those lines?