List of Error Codes? - RESOLVED


So here I am again, attempting to upload some sounds, and I like last time, I keep getting error codes coming up on the screen. I would be nice to know what these errors mean.

Are these codes made public?

I tend to get 400’s a lot.


How big are your imports? Are you importing multiple at once? I’ve gotten that error before when importing 5-6 samples at the same time. But I just reimported them one at a time with no error.


Mine were single, and I nothing large, maybe 2-4 minute MP3 files, but to be honest, I uploaded a lot tonight, so it is hard to say exactly if that is 100% true. I’ll pay more attention next time.

Being in IT, I want to know what the error code mean though - it is my natural instinct to troubleshoot! LOL


Ah! To upload your own samples they should be .wav not .mp3. That could be the reason for your error codes.


mp3s should work now, shouldn’t they @sonofconan?


@benjamin Yes, transcoding MP3s is supported.

@dorpond The 400 error is a standard HTTP 400 error. Probably an intermittent issue with the server under load. Most server errors should include some more descriptive help text as well. If they don’t, and they’re happening frequently, I’d appreciate it if you let me know when they happened, how often, whether or not they are consistent, and what you were doing to trigger them, etc., so I can investigate.

I can see a few 400 errors in the logs for the past week, but not many in the last 24 hours.


Yeah, I’ve been pretty aggressive with uploading stuff the last week or so. Just one at a time, but making element after element - the wheel is spinning constantly it seems, during my creation process. LOL.

Which brings me to a question, what if I close Syrinscape or turn off the computer while everything is processing? I’m assuming it will keep going since it is all in the cloud?

And what about if I switch between soundsets while one of processing? Sometimes I just don’t want to wait for everything to finish, as it takes forever, so I keep building, then shit down (do family stuff) and come back to it later to see if it is finished.


@dorpond Processing will continue (transcoding samples, preparing snapshots for the genre players to install). If you close the browser during an actual sample upload, the upload will not continue in the background.


Excellent! Thanks!
So switching between soundsets while it is processing, wont hurt anything either, I’m guessing.


@dorpond Yep, that’s right.