Linux URI handling

I’m trying to get URI handling working in either the Linux Fantasy player or the Linux Online Player. Looking at the windows player, I see the URIProxy that is getting registered but I don’t see a similar URI executable with the Linux clients. Is this done a different way in Linux or is support for that not there yet?

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Also interested in this, any word? Thanks.

Support is not there yet for Linux or macOS. The problem is mainly one of bundling a separate app to handle the syrinscape-*:// URLs and using an installer to register it with the OS. Not an insurmountable problem, but not yet at the top of our priority list.

Both macOS and Linux versions are delivered as an app that you copy to your Applications folder and run. Windows version is delivered as an installer that can do register the bundled URL handler. Linux support was also only just recently added.

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First let me thank you for releasing it as a tar.gz, as it makes it much easier to create install scripts/packages for. I’ve currently got it installing into /opt and create a .desktop file for it so it shows up in the applications menu and have used it (the online player) in my last 2 games.

For the URI handling app, can that be bundled with current application (prior to the installer/os registerer being available)? I’d imagine us Linux folks could find a way to make syrinscape-fantasy-uri-handler syringscape-fantasy://<PLAYLIST> work if it was available. (or maybe I misread what you said and that app also does not exist yet)

Lastly, (and this is a bit off topic for this post), but do you know if the online player will be publicly available (eg. not behind a login) once it leaves beta? It would make installation scripts/packages much easier for the user.

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@thomas1 The Linux apps are already available publicly (no login required):

I’ll look into bundling the URI handler, even if we don’t yet have an installer to register it with the OS automatically.

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That’s great, not sure how I missed that in the past. I’ve updated my AUR build scripts for the online player (already had the others). Thanks.

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Are these build scripts something you can share, that would be useful for us to include? Or is there a better way we can package and distribute the Linux builds?

They are PKGBUILD scripts that are uploaded to the AUR (Arch User Repository) which is a community repository for installing software. With what I’ve uploaded, users can quickly install the syrinscape players using makepkg, or if using an AUR helper such as “yay”, can just run “yay syrinscape-online-player” to do the install. The scripts will download the application from syrinscape servers and install it. I’ve included the links below if you want to take a look, you’ll need to use git to pull the scripts down.

I’m not sure they would be useful to include. These would only be useful to arch users (or arch derivatives), and IMO it’s better to have these in the AUR so people using things like yay can just update syrinscape with the rest of their system. (I forget if syrinscape updates itself).

The most helpful thing to include might be the .desktop file from each, as that is what adds it to the applications menu. But that is expecting syrinscape to be installed to /opt so you’d need some form of install script for that.

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Hi, just wondering how progress is coming along with this feature? Thanks

@Jiminimonka Nothing yet to report, sorry.

I so want to throw money at you guys but until this works in Linux… :slight_smile:

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This absolutely breaks my heart. I set everything up on a windows computer and actually run the games from a laptop with linux. I originally had everything setup with syrinscape online… it was annoying enough that on linux it still opens extra tabs that have to be closed but it functioned… until I lost internet.

Decided I’d never do that again since it killed the mood so I spent about 2 weeks converting everything over to run off of the offline fantasy player. Sync’d everything and… nothing because now I find out that there’s no linux support for the URIs yet.

Very frustrating. Not really sure why I’m subscribing at this point.

Sorry about that @styles2304

It would be sad to see you go. :cry:

Any updates yet or is this the lowest priority thing on your schedule?

Any update? I found a third-party bridge app that theoretically would work around this, but it’s notarized and thus cannot be run on secure Macs.

Did you bundle the URI handler?

still no update? guess you are making enough money from the windows brigade and dont care about other platforms even though Unity is cross platform…

Hi @Jiminimonka

It’s certainly NOT a matter of we are right with the amount of money we are earning and don’t need your support too.

As might not surprise you, it is more a matter of: we have a finite amount of dev money and dev person hours, and a big pile of a) things we need to get done right now to keep things going smoothly b) other things that we need to fix up as soon as possible c) shiny things that people would love us to do.

We have not forgotten the item highlighted in this topic, there is a formal dev ticket for this in a prioritised list, but indeed, it has NOT reached the top yet.

Sorry this isn’t really what you want to hear, but it is the truth! :-/ :frowning: :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,
Interested to know if there has been anything new on this? Or is it still on backlog?


Unfortunately we are still struggling with many other much sought after features :slightly_frowning_face: We are pushing hard though to get on top of some big ones!