Linux Support for Syrinscape?


Is there any plan for getting a Linux Syrinscape implementation?

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Hi @tonystocker, Linux is on our wishlist but sadly the cost of development currently outweighs the number of people that would need it. That said the more people that request the feature then the more likely it is that we will be able to look at it. I’m going to add your suggestion to the vote list and that way if there are other Linux users on the forum they will be able to vote for it :smile:


Steve, not surprising, it’s unusual to see Linux support right away. I’m hopeful given that there’s usually a pretty big crossover between gaming and Linux geeks, that there will be enough demand. At the moment I have a way to use the product w/o Linux, but it’s always my goal to do as much in Linux as possible. I appreciate you putting it on the wishlist for voting! :smiley:


Does it work in Wine? Seems like a common work-around for linux.


I don’t know about Syrinscape, but I sure do! :stuck_out_tongue:


I just added Ubuntu to my Chromebook, and would like to use it someday for Syrinscape for my D&D games. Please add me to your list of Linux support requests!


Hi @horizon241,

Your name is added to the lists. :slight_smile: A regrettably short list, indeed, but a list never-the-less! :smiley:

Have you tried using Wine? Works for you.