Linking Foundry VTT with syrnscape

hi im thinking of joining back up to syrnscape because i was a syrnscape user when there was a specific mod in fantasy grounds that would play sounds upon what it saw in the chat. now ive moved to foundry i havnt been subscribed for a long while. i do miss having syrnscape sounds in my games but the issue ive come across is that there doesnt seem to be anything that is useful for syrnscape intergration or anything thats automatic. im not a coder and whenever i interact with any of the foundry community they expect me to be able to code the solution that i need. which i cant and quite frankly i dont have the time to learn a whole coding language to solve this issue.

i was wondering if there is any solution that could be had between foundry and syrinscape because i know that there has been some communications in the past that ended in a stalemate. if i could have an easy intergration where if my players casted fireball and used your sound effects. it would mean the world to me and so many other players playing dnd and it would increase your subscriptions by a long way. if anyone has a solution for me id love to hear it but most likely this does need to be solved between companies so we can get easier intergration.

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There a couple of good integrations for automating sound control of Syrinscape from within Foundry. @Steve can probably point us in the right direction…?

PS There is NO stalemate between Foundry and us… lots of good stuff going on. Drop us a line on the support email (support at syrinscape dot com) and we can give you a bit more info. :robot: :smiley: :trophy:

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Funny that you should make this post now, because I have just downloaded foundry myself and having both fantasy grounds and roll20 I have been around the block and used the syrinscape program for FG as well. There is actually something simelar for foundry, or rather there is supposed to be. Its called syrincontrol and is a mod that you can add in foundry. The only problem is that it isnt currently working and their team dont have the time/resources to make it work it seems, since there is allot of unresolved bug messages on their site.