Link to creator? - RESOLVED


Is there a link to the creator in the normal interface for subscribers? I keep having to come to the forum and search for the link! LOL. I keep expecting to find it in my SuperSyrin Subscriber dropdown on desktop but the only link in there is for a wallpaper download. (I mean, it’s a cool wallpaper, but not exactly your main value prop for subscribers LOL). There is a link in the FAQ, but it goes to a 404 page. I’m sure it’s on your to do list after the new launch, but then I thought maybe it is somewhere and I’m just not finding it.


@katie.hawkey Thanks for this feedback. In the next update, I’ll add a link back to the Syrinscape Online control panel to the header. We previously had a link to download the old (offline) SoundSet Creator from there. From the control panel, you can download the Online Player apps, link Online Player app devices to your account, invite people to join or request to join to remote games, or click through to the Syrinscape Online master interface (and new SoundSet Creator).


@katie.hawkey This is done now :smiley:


Nice! Thank you! So easy to find now! Woohoo!