Library Soundsets not reaching offline player

Hey all, having some trouble building a soundset.

So I’ve created the soundset on the online creator tool. It features two elements that contain music I’ve added, and three elements that I pulled from the library tab.

When I went to the offline player (“Syrinscape Fantasy Player”), the soundset I created appeared, and I installed it, but only the two elements that contain my music appear on it, the three library elements aren’t making it over.

I’ve tried reloading the offline player, but that hasn’t brought them through, and I can’t spot any option to manually force anything through to the offline player.

Obviously I can just use the online player to play everything, but I’d definitely like to get the offline player up and running if I can. Any advice?

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I am having the same issue,

I’m having the same issue as well. It’s particularly copying over moods from other soundsets into my custom one for a campaign scene.

I know about the ‘loading’ icon on the online soundset creator that lets me know if a soundset is ready to be downloaded to offline players. So it’s not that. I also was able to add uploaded sounds to the soundset since adding the moods, and the new custom sounds carried into the offline player but the moods still didn’t go.

There must be some way to get this to work, because I have one custom soundset that has a mix of moods and custom uploads. I think that functioning soundset started as a duplicate of an entire soundset, instead of a copied mood. But I can’t recall if I ever used that technique with all my other customs that aren’t working. I’m including it in case it helps Syrinscape developers track down the issue.

Anyone having these probs, just grab us on support at syrinscape dot com with the name of the SoundSet and we’ll give it a kick (in case it is simply stuck).

Also, any particular reason you are not using the Online Player to play back your content? :slight_smile:

Regarding why use the offline player instead of online, it’s a bit about responsiveness and a bit about being kind to my bandwidth with online play. With the audio and video I’m already sending and receiving for a campaign hosted on Discord it seems smart to keep my music local. Otherwise it’s another piece of bandwidth to pull it down to the online player only to send it back out again.

Also I feel like the online player has a lower general volume than the offline player. But I can’t quantify that. So mostly it’s responsiveness. When I want to have the music swell at just the right moment the offline player is ready for me. When I go for a musical beat through the online player it seems we’re already two moments past the moment t hit the sound button for when it finally comes through.