Leaving with more than nothing


I subscribed to syrinscape some time ago when I thought it might be useful for my Roleplaying.
Turns out that I was wrong.
I never actually used it but kept paying for it, kinda like a membership in some kind of weird gym you never visit but are too lazy to quit, because it might come in handy in the future.
Well, looks like I am not too lazy anymore.
My question is if there is any way to at least get something out of the fact that I payed a lot of money for nothing.
Is there a way to save the sound files for use after I quit the subscription or use it for anything else?
I am interested what comes to your mind.


Sorry to hear you’re leaving, is there any reason you didn’t use Syrinscape? The forum is full of useful tips for how to get the most out of the app.

As to what you get to keep after leaving, you gain permanent ownership of any new content that we release during you sub from the category that you subbed for. You had a SuperSyrin sup so you have already gained full ownership of a ton of stuff;

Dungeon Depths, Flooded Cavern, bbh Haunting part 1, bbh Haunting part 2, bbh Soul anchor, bbh Abandon all hope, bbh Apex of bone, Absalom Station, Garaggakal battle, dh Xanathar’s hideout, dh Zhentarim hideout, dh Waterdeep, dh Finding Floon, dh Yawning Portal, dh Fireball, dh Gralhund Villa, dh Trollskull Manor, dh Nim’s Secret, dh Mistshore, dh Alley, dh Chase, dh Mausoleum, dh Theater, dh Old Tower, dh Courthouse, dh Cellar Complex, dh Converted Windmil, dh Vault of Dragons, Xanathar the glorious, Displacer beast battle, Mind Flayer battle, Treant battle, rsac Rise of the Dark God, Mimic battle, Kenku battle, Troll battle, dmm Level 6, dmm Level 5, dmm Level 2, gos Sinister Secret i, gos Sinister Secret ii, dmm Level 1, dmm Level , dmm Level 4, fop Mysterious murder, fop Ranger’s request, fop Into Vilree’s lair, lmop Goblin Arrows, lmop Phandalin, gos Danger at Dunwater i, - Sauriv dmm npc Halaster, rsac The Fall of Night, GoS Salvage operations - i, lmop The Spider’s Web, lmop Wave Echo Cave, GoS Salvage operations - ii, rsac Temple of Hram, gos Danger at Dunwater ii - queen, GoS Isle of the Abbey i - prerelease, GoS Isle of the Abbey ii - prerelease, Manticor battle,

And that doesn’t include the Decent into Avernus, Mask of Nylarthotop Cairo, Starfinder: The ruined Clouds and a whole stack of other content that we have ready to drop in the next few weeks


Thanks for your reply. That sounds great.
I got syrinscape in hope of using it for a planned D&D group that unfortunately never came to be. (Delayed Kickstarter, less time because of that pesky thing called “real” life, etc.)
In all other instances of roleplaying I’ve been playing other genres that aren’t featured or I’ve been just a player instead of a GM.
Just to make sure to get it right.
Is “permanent ownership” defined that way that I will be able to download all that stuff even when I am not longer subscribed, or will I have to download all the files that I want to keep in advance before I unsubscribe?


Even when your subscription expires, you can still use your log in data to access your account. Then you can download the stuff you have permanent ownership of, no need to take immediate action. Your soundsets will be there waiting for you, whenever you need them. :wink:


Your account is linked to your email address, so all of your “owned content” will remain yours to use whenever you want. Just log into Syrinscape and then all of your content will be ready to install and use whenever you need it, likewise any individual soundsets that you purchase will be added to that list.

Once your sub has lapsed to easily find the content that you own and still have access to you can just click “all soundsets” at the top left of the app and then select “purchased’ the app will now just show the soundsets that are yours

Out of curiosity can I ask what other genres you’re playing that we don’t have content for? With over 500 soundsets you might be surprised at how many genres we cover :grin:


Thanks, that is really convenient.
My preferred themes in roleplaying are horror and fantasy but I also did some sci-fi.
In the last few years I tend to play quick one-shot games using FATE when I see something interesting I want to try, because I don’t want to learn just another system of rules just because I want a nice evening in the world of the Witcher, Firefly or Supernatural.
Maybe because I did not spend a lot of time with the app and because I really don’t like the look of the app (I would prefer something plain, just grey sliders on a neutral background just like the SoundSet Creator) I never came around to actually dig around in all the soundsets and mostly noticed the fantasy theme.
Maybe I need to dig deeper.
I have some “Ten Candles” planned for Halloween.
The characters will die in an underwater research facility.
If I am lucky I might find something fitting and can use the tool at last. :wink:


In which case you really needed to be looking at our Sci-fi Player, which is full of content for those type of games. The Sci-fi Player is home to all of our none-fantasy content, covering everything from Westerns, 1920s, Modern day, Horror, Futuristic, Superheros and everything in between.

As for the App, it sounds like the Online Player would have been a better option for you, the UI is a polished version of what you were used to with the old Creator. The new Creator is now actually part of Syrinscape online, so you can play and build soundsets all from within the one program