Latest update on iPhone issues


On the latest update on iOS 12 (updated 10-25-18) the fantasy player app seems to be incorrectly formatted for the iPhone XS Max. The “margins” are non existent and some of the buttons are not clickable as a result. I can send screen cap if required.
Thank you.


OK. We’ll get onto this straightaway!

Shame no one found this in testing… :unamused:


Hi. Just wanted to report another possible issue. I just changed phone from an iPhone SE to an iPhone XS and have had two issues with the Fantasy Player app since -

1 - it freezes and cuts off when any one sound is played for more than about five minutes. I then have to reload the app

2 - It no longer shows the ‘generic’ sound options in each of the soundscapes (arrow clash, blade spell, ‘huzzah’, etc.)

Happy to share screencaps if needed.



I am no iPhone expert, but your first point sounds like either a memory problem, or maybe a speaker problem. Do you connect to a Bluetooth speaker? As strange as it sounds - sometimes a speaker connection breaks playback.
As for your second point - have you installed Bugbear battle? A lot of the global oneshots are installed with this soundset.


Thanks for the swift response!

I do use a Bluetooth speaker - it worked fine with my old phone, though, and it’s the phone that freezes (so none of the tabs/buttons work, and I have to reload the app to get the sounds going again).

Re the global oneshots, installed Bugbear Battle and all is solved! Thanks!


Do you have the chance to connect your speaker via cable, just to test it? I have a device that, if I connect with a certain speaker, behaves exactly the same. Different speaker or different device connecting with that speaker works flawlessly, it’s just this combination. Just trying to eliminate all other things. :wink:


Thanks - I’ll try that.