Latency issues from South Africa

Hi all,

So, since moving to the webplayer I can report that from South Africa, my performance has been significantly impaired.

Symptoms include:
• Oneshots intermittently do not play. One can click repeatedly. And then they may suddenly play over each other. And then only intermittently, previously playing oneshots can just stop playing for a minute before working again. The blue loading bar at the top runs across the browser and hangs at 90%. You can wait 10s, click again… wait 10s… click again… wait 2s… and then it plays.
• In fact music tracks also just sometimes do not play. Doesn’t matter if they’re Syrinscapes or my own custom tracks.
• Playing a mood with multiple layered elements may just stop playing one or several elements.
• Previously saved elements in a mood are just not saved when one comes back (i’ve got several named empty moods with nothing selected).
• When things do play response time between clicking and hearing anything can be anything <1sec to on average 3-5sec. Not too terrible on a bg music track, kinda useless for oneshots.
• Uploaded tracks are sometimes duplicated and attributed to the wrong element.
• My d&d players (even with the online player) routinely had log in issues, online player issues, so a webplayer version is exactly what they’ve been after for months… but are now reporting sound cutting out issues and super slow loading times. One player waited about 5 min before he started to hear anything.
• I have changed servers countless times… at it always starts out great… and then 30 seconds, just gets slower and slower.

I enjoy the app, made a lot of custom moods for my 2 year tomb of annihilation campaign, which is wrapping up hopefully in the next few months, but the master interface is just not working as well as it used to when I joined. The whole DJ while you DM thing used to be true… no longer. Not even carefully curated moods are guaranteed to play when asked to. Considering cancelling cos I figure it must be a hemisphere issue (remember south africa) due to an infrastructure/hosting/server change (I’ve had similar conversations with the folks at the Forge for years) as I have to connect to my foundry game in europe.

I’m on a 2017 iMac, 24gb RAM using Chrome. Also running Foundry + Zoom and some tabs for dndbeyond, really not much going on.
I have a 100mb fibre line, I don’t know where you host… but my latency to forge’s servers (by way of comparison) in east coast north america is over 200ms and to Europe over 160ms. Oceania is 400ms. Forge moved to Cloudflare which significantly improved my load times to their service by a factor of x20.

So, yeah… I guess I’m just looking for some greater sense of confirmation that these issues are just insurmountable based on my location, despite it working so well for so long… that, or I am missing some big green “make it all better” button in the prefs somewhere. Thanks for reading.

Hi @torgnyhylen,

We hear you. The Web Player is VERY shiny and new and definitely has a few kinks we are working on working out.

Try it again, you may have been hitting us during a servor update or deploy or something… but if you are still having trouble the Online Player is still available as normal for you. Do you still see how to make that work.

Simply run the app and go to: as you used to.

Let us know how that works for you? :pizza: :bug: :hammer:

I will do just that. Thanks.

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