Late joiners don't hear ongoing sounds - OTHERS COMMENT HERE TOO! :-)


Sometimes we have people with connectivity issues, sometimes people are late to the game/returning from a break.

If the GM plays a sound - usually something long-lasting, say a tavern background - new joiners don’t hear a thing. The only solution is to stop everything and restart while everyone is connected.

Is that by design and unfixable? Something you’re interested in solving? Or are we doing something wrong?


Yeah, the way it all works makes this a trick one.

When the GM clicks a MOOD:

  1. A call to start is sent to all connected players
  2. This call contains all the parameters for each element that has been asked to play
  3. This call also includes a list of all the samples needed
  4. The Online Players now request any samples they are missing (ones that haven’t already been Cached before)
  5. ALSO = super cool = This call includes all the random seeds requied so that all the Online Players stay in perfect(ish) sync.

Cool, huh?

So yes, if an Online Player misses this call, they won’t play.

Easiest way to fix, is when someone new joins the GM should just stop and then start again with the currently running MOOD>

BUT we ARE thinking about:
a) When a new Online Player joins it asks "hey, so what’s going on? what did I miss?
b) the server sends the last call again
c) this newly joined Online Player will now be playing the right MOOD. It will be out of Sync… but it’ll get back into perfect sync again the next time the GM clicks any MOOD.

Thoughts? Worth doing?

Others? :sunglasses:



I think that would be a good solution. For the long lasting background moods it is not nessesary for the clients to stay in sync.