Landing Page Theme Tune for DOTMM

Hi there,

Can anyone recommend a good landing page start of the session dramatic tune from Syrinscape that I can use for Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Just something to be playing in the background as we are all turning up and getting ready to play the session. So not too intrusive but also, almost like a theme tune for the start of the session.


There’s a couple of good possibilities, depending on how hopeful you want your tunes.

Threshold of Knowledge is a good one, with a somewhat upbeat tune and even some dice-rolling sounds! Mood - “Introduction and Setup”

Tomb of Horrors, the Introduction mood, is a more somber and eerie tune.

Skullport - Music of Skullport element, again, more eerie and ominous.

You could also grab something from Jan the Noodling Bard, Particle, or the Yawning Portal set, which has an element called “three strings song”.

I hope that helps!


I’d completely forgot that I’d posted this :joy:

That’s really helpful thank you. I want it to be slightly upbeat and hopeful, yeah.


The way ALL partys start out! :wink: :smiley:

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