Kingmaker Stolen Lands

Does anyone have any information on doing the first Kingmaker AP The Stolen Lands?

If you give me details about the adventure, I can certainly give you recommendations for soundsets! :smile:

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Kind of a bump for this. I was wondering, since Syrinscape is on the video game version of Kingmaker, if there is a possibility of getting the sound set for the Pathfinder AP that got it all started.

I am super keen to build complete support for Kingmaker. We are looking at doing this in time for the updated release that Paizo is planning = extra cool because this will include support for playing it with 5E Dnd.


Lol. I am all about Pathfinder 1st ed, so as long as that is covered HUZZAH!!

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Just bumping this topic as we’re about to start a Kingmaker campaign in PF2e with 2 GMs (I’m doing character voices, stat blocks, sound and visual etc while the other GM is handling story aspects)

Do we have any kingmaker content? Or can anyone recommend a good soundset as a “general pathfinder” one that isn’t overly specific but has a good broad base of useful sounds/music?

Is there an update to this? I have a group of 8 starting Kingmaker for 2e in 3 weeks and would love to get some sounds specific to Kingmaker.

Throwing my own desire for an official soundboard into the mix. It’d be tops to run the whole Kingmaker AP with curated audioscapes.