Kids on Bikes soundset suggestions

Hey guys. I need soundset ideas for Kids on Bikes games. 80s vibes. Something like Stranger Things, It, Stand by Me or other creepy things like that. Thanks!

In the Sci-Fi player there is Government Facility and Upside Down, both of which are Stranger Things type of sounds. City Street 2015 mostly works for cities even back then, and Farmland from the Fantasy Player works for rides out into the country. The Exotic Bazzar set in Sci-Fi player has a bicycle bell for said rides.

In the Board Game player, Train Games has various train sounds, including one passing close by, in case of a Stand By Me situation. Docks 1920, with turning off a few of the most archaic elements, could also work if your kids are in a port city and checking out something sketchy.

House Party 2015 (albeit you may want to use some different music), Office 2015, Beach Cove 2015 (also has children playing sounds, good for a playground or schoolyard), and Coffee House 2015 (works as any restaurant, really) also would be useful. Car Chase 2017 also is good for all your car chase needs.

I hope that helps! Let me know what else you’re looking for!


Wonderful! Thank you so much!