Keys of the Golden Vault

Hi, i, m doing the preparatives of “Keys of the Golden Vault” Adventures. Is posible a set music for this adventures? or If is possible any suggestion about it

What is the adventure? What are the locations, moods, monsters, and encounters? I can certainly make some recommendations!


Thanks by Quikly attention. This adventure is the first " The Murkmire Malevolence" The characters must be infiltrated in a museum for to steal an Egg. In the first step of the adventure the museum is open public and the second step is closed; with traps,guards in each hallway, alarm spells, animated statues (animated armor) , animated doll her name is “Marigold” :laughing:,and animatronic allosaurus.

Okay, I can get to this tonight, but quick question: is this vaguely fantasy/medieval or modern? Makes a big difference in my recommendations!

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It is a Dungeons and Dragons adventur. It is Fantasy. :sweat_smile:

Okay, the best set for a museum in action is actually the “Romance” set, which has a museum mood for when it’s active. You can add music or not (there’s some romantic music in the same set if you want, say, a nice pianist playing for the enjoyment of the crowd, or you could do some tense music - Trollskull Manor has some nice tense music).

Animated Armor Battle has your animated statues, and you can also use Stone Golem Battle, Iron Golem Battle, and even Curse of Strahd’s Amber Temple has an Amber Golem Battle mood with some thuds and growls that would be useful.

For traps, try Dungeon Depths, Kobold Lair, and any number of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage for all the traps that are fit to secure, slaughter, and maim!

Dungeon Depths has a great “alarm” one-shot for when the players get careless.

Guards - the Vanthampur Villa (from Descent into Avernus) has a “guard fight interior” which would suit your museum well.

Marigold (animated doll) - the Wild Beyond the Witchlight (chapter 4), Motherhorn Encounters has a mood for “break a leg living doll”, which is what you’re looking for!

Animatronic Allosaurus - Tomb of Annihilation 2 Random Encounters has a “dinosaur attack” mood (just eliminate the underbrush, etc). You can add in some elements from Dreams of the Yellow King, Dream Quests II, specifically the elements “ceramic elbows/knees/joints” for the animatronic-ness. Or if you prefer a more metallic sounds, you can pick some elements from the “Clockwork Entities” set.

I hope that helps!

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