Keyboard shortcuts for moods please

tl;dr: keyboard shortcuts would let us trigger moods from keyboard-type controller accessories.

I’m using a couple of Syrinscape boards for games, and they’re great though they mean me having a laptop or computer handy, which takes up a lot of space.

There are lots of mini-keyboard type accessories, so I thought I would use one of those to trigger the sounds, saving me a lot of space and streamlining the table.

I have an Elgato Streamdeck, which is really cool. You can set up multiple pages of buttons, each a screen which can be a custom icon, etc. They can trigger custom actions, but the most flexible is to just trigger a keyboard shortcut. Theoretically this lets me have an awesome, visually fun soundboard right next to me at the table.

But the Syrinscape apps don’t seem to support keyboard shortcuts for moods. Is that right? I feel like I must have missed something because I can see there are keyboard shortcuts for oneshots, but I don’t see a way to trigger moods, and the only post I could find on the forum was from a few years ago, and was unanswered. Am I missing something? If not, could we get keyboard shortcuts on the roadmap?

Thanks in advance - love this product.

This 100% already works with things like Stream Deck.

In the Syrinscape Control Panel, click the hamburger in the top right then ‘Show Remote Control Links’. You’ll get a start and stop icon next to each mood, element and gobal control, clicking either one will copy the link to your clipboard.

In Elgato, you are using the ‘Website’ option and pasting the URL into there, make sure to check the ‘GET request in the background’. Done!

Couple of tips:

  1. Don’t use Mood stop links - just set the global stop button. Pressing play on another mood will stop the previous one, but if you have elements in common between moods then simply pressing play on the new mood will keep the common element running (instead of re-starting). This is great if you are adjusting the volume of elements between moods or building additional sounds

  2. I set some global volume controls - 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and MUTE, can be useful if you need to quickly adjust for everyone

Anyway, have fun!

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Thanks @jones_mg, you beat me to it! :grin:

But yes third party integration and URL API are built into Syrinscape and have been for a very long time, making it easy to control the app with external programs or devices

Very cool @jones_mg and @Steve, thank you. I see it now under “3rd party app integration [enable]”.

Perhaps this is one for the Pro Tips or FAQ section? URL API is a great and powerful solution but to someone just trying to find the keyboard shortcuts it might feel like three right turns to make a left, especially when some are built directly into the UI. It might be enough just to put the phrase “keyboard shortcuts” in there somewhere so it shows up in search.

Just suggestions. Appreciate your help, I’m able to move forward now. Lots of new potential unlocked.

You mean like this? Setting up Streamdeck XL for Syrinscape

That link back helps someone who already has the answer find the question. I am thinking about this in the reverse, ie trying to help someone with a question find the answer.

Someone looking for keyboard shortcuts isn’t likely to find and read that thread/article about Setting up the Stream Deck XL. It won’t show up when someone searches for “keyboard shortcuts”, for example.

To make it easier to find, there could be a post titled “keyboard shortcuts” that says something like this:

Keyboard shortcuts

Simple keyboard shortcuts are available for One-Shots. In the apps, just mouseover the buttons to see the relevant shortcut in the lower-right status bar. Hit those keys any time you want to trigger the sound effect.

Moods do not support keyboard shortcuts, however they can be activated on a controller accessory using third-party app integrations. Click the “+” key, or via the settings cog select “3rd party app integration” > “enable”.

From here you can copy 3rd party app links, which can be assigned to keys or controllers to trigger that mood.

For more information, check out this article:

Still hoping to get keyboard shortcuts for moods onto the roadmap. It seems like a good idea generally, but as a Mac user it would also bypass the issues with the broken 3rd party app integrations.


You should be able to get all sorts of automation going using the Web Player instead of the Fantasy Player. Use those shortcut links and trigger them using ANYTHING at all that can open a URL. I control the Syrinscape Web Player from my Streamdeck, triggering MOODs, OneShots, Spells, WIlhelm Scream etc.

If you don’t have a physical Stream Deck, I gather there are virtual ones.

Look for the System: Website action and select “GET request in background” so if doesn’t open a browser window.

Let us know how you go! :slight_smile: