Just buy a theme, but not available on my app - RESOLVED



I just buy a mountain soundset… how long to receive this sound on my syrinscape computer app?

I’ve not receive it immediatly, i unlog and relog, but no possibility to download it and mountain pass appears “not purchased”… on the shop : “you allready have accessed to this sounset”

I need it for now :frowning: an idea?


Ty for all your work


The server needs some time to process your purchase. What you can do - use the gear icon in the lower left corner of the app and click reload in the menu. This sometimes helps fetching your purchased soundsets. :wink:


Send us an email to support using the email address that your account is registered in and we can give it a nudge for you :grin:


Hey, allready done :slight_smile: Hope it will come as soon as possible ! I play in 4 hours


an idea of common time to process?


Not THIS long. But as you already sent a message, I am confident, that Steve will sort it for you.