Just a super fast & clear tutorial about how to run sound for remote games with the @syrinscape Online Player


Just a super fast & clear tutorial about how to run sound for remote games with the Syrinscape Online Player


I love that feature. Especially because it does not require me to have tons of space on hard drive to download all soundsets. Though the search for soundsets is pretty laggy (maybe think of some search engine like Elastic Search if you haven’t yet). I miss bookmarks and manual shortcuts (like you have for the regular player). I used to have my own keyboard shortcuts for most commonly used sounds to be at hand any time. Anyway… keep it going that way. It works nicely! :slight_smile:

I use online player across my two computers. On my notebook I run web browser to control the music and sounds. And the PC stands at the side with screens and all stuff not disrupting the game session, but connected to my 5.1 speakers and playing sounds via the online player.

Extra Hint for GMs: I use Spotify for music on my sessions and since Spotify Premium offers also control over multiple devices I can play music from my PC remotely as well.

Extra Hint for GMs 2: I am using Arkenforge Masters Toolkit tools to display battle mats on my screen (PC screen in this case). Since my PC has 2 screens, I use one as map and the other one to control game. They do not give access remotely, but I found out that Chrome has official plugin Chrome Remote Desktop for remote access to your computer. It’s free. You simply gain access to you computer via Chrome browser, so apart from plugin, no additional installation is required and works across multiple OS.

That setup is with me for 2 months already and works perfect :smiley: Now I think I hould proceed to IoT and some super controlled leds on the walls, lights in the lamp or moving curtains :smiley:


Awesome post thanks @ivellios_mirimafea

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