I've Can't Install The Soundest I've Purchased - RESOLVED


I’m still having trouble getting the TTT soundest to play. I’ve redeem the voucher code from Paizo and it says on your website I have access to it, but on the app it keeps referring me back to the store. I have spent the last hour looking over the forums, but I can’t find anything about how to just get it to play. I’ve reloaded, log out and restarted my computer, but nothing is working. I’ve created a campaign, do I have to share it on the forum to make it work? I feel like I’m not seeing one button that says “you’ve downloaded it.”


I’ve given your account a bit of a kick so hopefully it should be working for you now?
If you type ttt into the search bar within the App the soundsets should all come up and the visit store button should have changed to a Install now button. If you have any more problems with it drop us an email at support and we can take a further look for you :slight_smile: