It goes up to 11


Am loving the new build of the Online Player and the new LOUDER volume settings available in the Master UI!

And all the other bits and bug fixes.

Paste emojis here to say thanks to our amazing Dev team for their tireless hard work.

:sweat_smile: :whale: :dog:



Online players all say they’re out of date…minor problem but notable. Love this product!


Doesn’t that just mean you have to install the new version? Or have you done that and it’s still saying you need to update? :wink:


louder is BETTER


Brand new install of the player on both a PC and a laptop say it is out of date


Did you uninstall the old player and made sure, that the install file of the new player is 1.46?


Sure did. Both download links at this location
still link to this file:


Its a minor point - and doesn’t impact usability but now I’m really curious; am I the only one seeing this issue?


Not something that I’ve seen myself or had reported elsewhere but we will definitely keep an eye out.

Pesky bugs

goes and grabs a hammer


I tried an update over the weekend and still saw the message that my version is old.


Did you uninstall 1.4.5. before installing the update or did you just install?


There is a problem with the version number being reported by the new build. I will try to suppress the warning until I can prepare an updated version.


Thanks for the update @sonofconan :grin:


“11”…it now has “11” =)