Is there away to move custom moods between devices?


is there away to move custom moods between devices??
i have made some custom moods on my pc and would like to uses them on my iPad
is this possible??


The use of Custom Moods is a “quick and dirty” way, to prepare an own soundset on the fly without diving too deep into creating stuff. All the necessary data a Custom Mood needs are stored in the registry of the device you are using. As such, it is not possible to transfer Custom Moods to other devices.

If you want your own creations to sync across all devices you are using, the Syrinscape Online Creator is the tool you want. :slight_smile:


Yes, even without being a Subscriber you can create custom moods in the Online Player that will persist with any log in there AND sync across all your offline devices too.

Give it a try?


ok will give that a try thanks