Is there *actually* an Android Online Player?

While trying to get set up with my gaming group, we’ve discovered that one of my players, who must use an Android phone to connect to Syrinscape Online, cannot actually find the Android version of the online player.

The apps linked from the web page here are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Boardgame, but they don’t appear to work for connecting to Syrinscape Online, since they offer no device PIN to connect to the account.

I’ve searched this site and the web for an answer, with no luck. Can anyone confirm whether there’s a specific “Syrinscape Online Player” app for Android?


There is a version for Android and you can download it from the main website. Check out this screenshot to find it. :wink:

That’s the thing – does that link actually go to a separate online player app? I can’t confirm it (no android devices), but that’s the link info I sent my player, and he ended up with the Fantasy Player app, not the dark-blue-background app that immediately provides a “Link this Device” PIN.

I can test it later, but we spent a good hour yesterday trying to locate the online player app for Android, and unless my player was wrong every time in where he was downloading from (possible, there are two very different download pages and we may never have understood which page we were referring to), we never found it. We gave up and he remotely connected to a Plex server he had, installed the Windows app, and piped the sound back to his remote machine instead.

It is indeed a separate Android app and yes, you can download it from the link you see in the screenshot.
However - it might be worth noting that it is a link to an APK file, which you have to install manually on Android devices.

I don’t know how you can end up on the regular app download page. Just to make sure - tell him to follow this link:

scroll to “Step 2” and download the Android version.

Huh. I guess the two of us were just never talking about the same links or download page while we were troubleshooting and just assumed we were talking about the same thing. And, as usual, assumptions did their thing.

Anyway, I’ll pass that info on to him if he wants to try it again, but we did manage to get the problem solved another way.


There will be a version of the Online Player appearing in the Google Play Store very soon that is a direct install and will be much easier but for now yes the link @new_vision posted will allow them to download the apk, which can be manually installed

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