Is there a way to create custom Moods in Online Player?


Love Master/Minion, totally going to be using this for my roll20 game. I’m curious, is there a way to create custom moods inside a soundset that I’m just not seeing? Besides creating a whole new Soundset through Creator of course.


Yup. Just start the sounds playing you want and add a mood. Let’s say you’re in Climactic Space Battle, but you say to yourself, “Man, I could really use some of the cybertic breath weapon sounds from Cyborg Dragon added to this scene when the main bad guy shows up.”

So, you start several elements in the space battle: music, lasers, energy, etc. Then you pop over to the Cyborg Dragon and turn on the dragon roars and weapon.

Go back to Climatic Space Battle. Now you have elements playing from multiple sound sets. At the bottom of the moods in Climactic Space Battle (right under Full Battle No Music mood) there is a + button. Click it and type in a title - “Dragon Lord Arrives” or something, and hit enter. Now whenever you press that mood the sounds from both soundsets will start playing!


Hmm… Unforuntately I don’t see the + button you’re talking about. I’ve attached an image of what I’m seeing.


Ah, ok, I meant just within the regular Sci-Fi Player rather than the Creator. If you just want a modification to a set and don’t anticipate needing to adjust the volume on multiple elements, then creating a new mood within the Player itself is a fast way of getting what you want.


This isn’t the creator, this is the Master/Minion player. I know how to make custom moods in the various installed players, I’m asking how to do the same for the online Master/Minion player.


A far as I know the MM player mirrors what you have on the soundset creator. So to make a new mood in the MM player you will have to first make it in the soundset creator then re-upload the soundset, then you should see the changes reflected in the player.



Custom Moods are coming… working on them right now!