Is there a mood for Lord of the Rings/Middle-Earth Universe?


Orcs, trolls, balrogs, The Prancing Pony, Mordor, Moria… Would be awesome have a mod for this specific universe.


There is no specific mood for Lord of the Rings, though one could certainly be made with the sound sets that exist and put it out with Community Content.

There is a Bugbear Battle (that’s good for orcs), Goblin Battle, The Battle of Wolven Pass, which has armies of both men and orcs with the options of spellcasters to boot. There’s a Troll Battle, Friendly Tavern, Seedy Tavern (both good for the Prancing Pony), Dungeon Depths, Sub-Terra (both good for the Mines of Moria), Farmland, Into the Valley (which includes a stampede! both good for Rohan), Hell or Claustrophobia 1643 for Mordor, Under the Villa for the Balrog, and others.