Is the Desktop App still alive?


While I get the Idea of the Online Player, I only play in the regular Meatspace. Therefore I don’t have any need for a server based solution, in fact I prefer the regular player, as it not only looks better, it does also have less lag when starting the sounds, AND it works offline.

It seems the last update to the Desktop app was about two and a half years ago, back in 2016, and some feature requests are still standing since then (dpi adjustments that save come to mind).

Is the Desktop app still actively developed? Is there any sort of timeline for the next update? I think i read the first “soon” over a year ago so something a bit more concrete would be nice.

That said keep up the great work, the Desktop player works fine, its just a bit annoying to adjust the dpi every time I start it on my surface pro :slight_smile:


I missed to mention that I still would love the ability to define where sound sets are stored without a workaround like hardlinks, as I would like to store them on my huge hard drive and not on the somewhat limited SSD space on my desktop :smiley:


Nevermind this post, I did search the forums but I missed the Posts that there should be a new release shortly :smiley: I only saw them after I posted :smiley:


yea, I had mentioned the UI scale issue as my laptop has a 4k screen, and the buttons at 100% are nearly invisible on the screen. they told me roughly last week that they hoped to have the update out within a week or so. here’s to hoping!