Is soudset creator worth the hassle :)?


Have had the supersub many years,
is it easier to use during game play?
Always thinking I need to graduate professionally.
Are there things that are coming in the closer future,
that I should maybe wait for.
I heard of some rumours of Folders @ Benjamin?
What’s your thoughts about it:-)


Haven’t figured out how to create my own shortcuts for sounds, I would love that. At times I look like old amazing keyboard player’s from the 70s / 80s lol


I read I can use music from my, creation and from my huge ambient music collection into it!
Next year if you head for Paizo con UK@Ben I love some downtime about this and some future plans.
Of course would love some Norwegian Gutter like sounds of Frost giants, Berserker Vikings, or Twisted being that’s been touched, twisted into morbid insanity, driven, or driven by visions From Beyond!
( Or maybe in the future I can make some mixed teasers )

Hails Andy Norway


Hey @thornbound

Maybe have a good watch of these videos to get an idea of how it all work? :slight_smile:

Then ask some questions.


I’ve uploaded and use some fairly chunky collections of background music, some fixed ambient soundscape tracks from ahem other providers, as well as using stock Syrinscape soundsets.

I’d say the best time to use the Creator is pre-game, to set things up in advance, but since it’s been combined with the Online master console and most of my gaming is online these days, I have occasionally used it to tweak soundsets on the fly mid-game, like swapping out one piece of music for another. It’s pretty easy to use that way, provided all the elements you’re using are already uploaded or part of default Syrinscape soundsets.

So yes, I’d say it’s worth the hassle. :slight_smile: